Marmaris splits the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea by a narrow and long peninsula. the Marmaris peninsula has always been an important part of the mediterranean civilization with its geographical positioning as well as its beautiful nature and rich history on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, has endless appeal to holidaymakers because of its beautiful setting combined with a resort centre that’s eager to please its visitors. Marmaris is one of Turkey’ s premier vacation resorts, built around a sweeping natural bay at the foot of steep pine covered mountain slopes. The old town is a maze of twisting little streets and alleys with whitewashed houses in the Turkish style and an excellent shopping bazaar.

Marmaris is a large tourism resort with accommodation starting from small, quaint pensions to big holiday villages and 5 star hotels; restaurants offering foods such as chinese, french, hindu, italian to traditional turkish cuisine. Marmaris is one of the most elegant yachting resorts of Turkey. A point to meet the most beautiful boats,where you can see all grades and harmonies of green and blue. 


The city was called Halicarnassus of Caria in ancient times and was famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century, overlooks the harbour and the marina

The Turkish port of Bodrum sits pleasantly along the deep blue of the Aegean Coast, in what was once Asia Minor. Today a lively and modern resort town, evidence of Halicarnassus’ ancient past is everywhere. 

Bodrum is known for it’s historical sites, clement weather, colorful jazz bars, idyllic whitewashed houses, marina and yachting facilities, and its resident artist community. Celebrated novelist Cevatsakir Kabaağaçlu immortalized the lore and legends of the local seafarers in a collection of short stories.

The resort is perfect both for youth, and for family resting – everyone will find here something to be busy with. There are a lot of restaurants In Bodrum offering both local and European cuisine. Besides the beautiful nature, there are good conditions for active pastime as well – surfing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and fishing. For divers it will be interesting to explore lots of underwater reeves, caves and grand rocks of unusual form. 

It is the Aegean Sea named after the proud King Aegeus who had committed suicide in its blue waters. Comprising thousands of islands, this sea is also named as the Sea of Islands. In other words, it is also the Archipelago, the sea of companion islands…Such that, according to mythology, the universe is created by the Aegean Sea and its islands.

All the mythological gods and goddesses had protected the Aegean and had made Bodrum the most beautiful and lively place of the universe. They had given their own souls to its sea, islands and shores.


Telmessos (Fethiye) is located on the border between Lycia and Karya (now territory of Turkey). The city has been widely known as a centre of prophecy and its predictors had a strong influence on the course of history. The fact that life in Telmessos was culturally rich in the Hellenistic and Roman periods is confirmed by survived monuments such as stone tombs, Lycian sarcophaguses, the Rhodes fortress and the Roman Theatre.

In an legend “Telmessos” is described as the name of the son of God Apollo. He fells in love with the daughter of the King Agenor, the king of Phoenicia. He turns his self in to a small dog and gains the love of the withdrawn, shy daughter. Then appears as a handsome man and have the son named “Telmessos” which means “Land of the Lights”. 

During the exchange between Greece and Turkey, the Greeks were sent to Greece and the town was resettled with Turks came from Greece. The modern name “Fethiye” was given to the town in honor of Fethi Bey who was the one of the first pilots of the Ottoman Air Force died in a mission.

Modernized Fethiye is a tourist town with its international atmosphere. There are marinas in the town serves to international and local visitors and cruise ships. Town has everything that a tourist looks for. Delicious restaurants, great night life, history and nature, amazing bays, traditional markets and shops, daily excursions and activities.


Kemer is a holiday resort with sea, mountains and pine forests are combined in a wonderful natural beauty . It takes a very long time to explore Kemer, which is a town of city of Antalya, with its holiday resorts, villages, antique cities, picnic areas, national parks and magnificent nature.

Olympos and Phaselis are two important ancient cities that should be seen in Kemer. Yanartaş, which is located in Çılalı and Olympos’ hills and is known as an endless fire and has a natural source of fire, is especially worth seeing. Adrasan, with its magnificent natural beauty and beach is also a must-visit place.

Beldibi Cave is about 27 km from Kemer. Tahtalı Mountain which is the highest point of the region is reachable with the cable car from Olympos, Göynük Canyon in the back of the Göynük village and Üçoluk Plateau are the places to be seen for nature lovers and sportsman

The Yörük Park in the center of Kemer is also worth seeing and visiting also eating and drinking.


The name “Kekova” is Turkish for “plain of thyme” and the villages of Kaleköy, Üçağiz and the three ancient towns of Simena, Teimussa and Tersane (meaning “shipyard”, as its bay was the site of an ancient shipyard) 

Historical records are hard to verify but it seems that Kekova was most prominent in the Lycian and Byzantine eras. Then an earthquake destroyed it and most of the city was submerged under water.Located on the Turquoise Coast near Kaş it includes the villages of Kaleköy and Üçağız,the beauty of nature has combined with history on the small uninhabited island of Kekova. 

Kekova is one of the places most visited by tourists because it boasts historical attractions and has the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean. It is also home to many under and above water beauties. which can be easily reached by people on Blue Cruises. 


Croatia has a very large coastline to discover . Almost every bay, every town  and every corner  has an history, a different story and colour. And most of the bays are still stay in the naive beauty of untouched nature. Adriatic Sea make this destination popular with surrounded rocks, cliffs, beaches and thousands of islands. Visiting the turquise water of Dalmatian Coast is an experience of life.